Founder of Tutorialism

Nathan started as a Mathnasium instructor as his first job at the age of 16. Throughout high school, he continued honing his study skills and methods, which gave him ample time to do what he enjoyed — learning languages. In fact, Nathan speaks four languages — Vietnamese, English, French, and Spanish. He graduated top 1% at Del Norte High School with a 4.7 GPA, having taken eight AP classes and ten college courses, which allowed him to transfer to UCSD as a junior. Nathan received the Fraternity of Academic and Civic Excellence Award from the California State Legislature for his continued commitment to his grades, school and community.


Currently, Nathan is a premedical student at UCSD majoring in Biochemistry with a 4.0 GPA. He serves as Writing Supervisor for Morning Sign Out, an on-campus publishing organization that aims to transcribe healthcare, science, and medical research into layman’s terms to encourage and promote scientific literacy. Nathan also cofounded COREL (COmmunity REconnecting elderly Lives), a nonprofit organization that offers a unique wellness experience and companionship for local senior citizens. He works at Dr. Taylor's Biochemistry research lab, where he focuses on understanding the structure, function, and dynamics of cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA) in order to detect PKA activity in individual living cells.


Having served many families for quite a few years, Nathan founded Tutorialism to reach out and inspire others to strive for the stars. He focuses on improving his student's study skills and time management as well as emphasizing a work-life balance.